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The olive grove of the Passoluca Estate

The main and most widespread varieties of Sicilian olive trees can be considered autochthonous due to their specific biological adaptation over time. All varieties of olive trees have assumed peculiar characteristics in relation to the soil, climate and cultivation methods and are the result of the selection of more vigorous individuals, resistant to pests and with a higher yield in oil.

The extra-virgin olive oil of the century-old plants that are mainly identified with the Ogliarole group has a yellow colour with greenish reflections, a fruity aroma with hints of freshly mown green grass, a delicate taste with a balance between sweet and bitter on a slightly spicy background.

The most fascinating thing is thinking that you can taste the same oil that our ancestors appreciated before, with the same characteristics and scents and above all coming from the same plants. What other plant in the world can boast these primates?

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The olives are harvested strictly by hand during the veraison period, when the olives change colour: in fact, we harvest between mid-October and mid-November, in order to guarantee greater stability and quality of the oil.

Our olives are hand-picked by hand in order to avoid injuries and therefore unwanted fermentation of the fruit during harvesting: all this allows us to maintain low levels of acidity in the oil as well as preserving its aroma, taste and natural organoleptic properties. The olives are then placed and stored in perforated and well-ventilated crates and transported to the oil mill in the shortest possible time.

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