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Swimming Pool

The swimming pool of the Passoluca estate

Whether it's a small escape from the city or a planned stay out of town, the accommodation facilities with an elegant swimming pool are increasingly an ideal destination for those who dream of unplugging and taking refuge in nature.

A space of relaxation that completes the wellness offer for its guests, whether they are lone travelers, couples in love or families with children.

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Fun in the pool can take many forms, for sports lovers , every moment is the right one for a nice swim. The advantage for those who choose this type of holiday is also not to be a slave to travel to enjoy all the well-being of a zero km holiday.

For lovers of relaxation , the swimming pool is the ideal environment to spend the day's breaks or pass the time for the pure pleasure of it, chatting by the pool and sunbathing on the sun loungers wrapped in a naturalistic context.

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